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How to Use the Bible
Mount Vernon Church of Christ

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The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible

How to Use the Bible

When in sorrow: Read John: 14

When Men fail You: Read Psalm: 27

When you Worry; Read Matthew 6: 19-34

When you are in danger: Read Psalm: 91

If you have the blues: Read Psalm: 34

When God seems far away:Read Psalm: 139 

If you are discouraged: Read Isaiah:40

If you are lonely or fearful:Read Psalm: 23

If you feel down & out:Read Romans 8:39 

When you want courage for your task:Read Joshua: 1

When the world seems bigger than God: Read psalm: 90

When you want rest and peace: Read Matthew 11:25-30

When leaving home for labor or travel:Read  psalm: 121:107:23-31

If you get bitter or critical: Read 1st Corinthians: 13

If thinking of investments and returns: Read Mark: 10:17-31

For a great invitation--A great opportunity: Read Isaiah: 55





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